Fifth Meeting


In the fifth meeting of the Comenius project the host for all partners has been Greece. The school of Aiani welcomed students and teachers of all 6 partners.

All guests were welcomed warmly by students, parents and teachers in the 2000 inhabitant’s village. While the students went to their host families the teachers could enjoy a typical Greek dinner and were welcomed as well by the staff of the school and several local politicians.

The next morning the students took part in lessons whereas the teachers made their way to the city of Kozani. First the group went to the town hall where a delegation of councilors welcomed the guests from all over Europe. After that the director of education of the region of western Macedonia, Vailiki Vontsa, awaited the group. To the big surprise of the teachers, Vontsa welcomed them in German, as she studied exactly in the same part of Germany the partner school of Weiskirchen is located in. She found warm words and appreciated the work of all Comenius partners.

Back to Aiani the teachers could attend several interesting lessons before the students presented the play “Irini” by Aristophanes, concentrating on the motive of peace.

In the afternoon everyone could explore Aiani and then students, teachers and parents decorated a Christmas tree right in the middle of the village. While the students spent the rest of the evening with their host families the teachers took part in an typical Greek barbeque with traditional music.

The next day was filled by a trip to the second largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki. Lots of sights waited to be seen: Basilica Hagion Demetrios, The Byzantine city wall, the triumphal arch of Galerius, the harbor and many more. The most impressive on e of course has been the White Tower, being the landmark of the city. The exhibition inside of the tower gave a great impression of the history of the city. Climbing up all the stairs to the top then has been rewarded with a wonderful view all over the city and the sea.

The last began in the local museum of Aiani. The students of the school lead their guests through the exhibition with lots of interesting findings of the region. The students also showed the way of making bread in ancient times and the traditional clothing worn in the region.

For lunch staff and parents of the school of Aiani prepared a great buffet offering the best the Greek kitchen offers. Additionally the students had prepared several singing and dancing acts. Of course all the guests could proof their dancing skills in a round of Sirtaki. All participants enjoyed themselves a lot listening to the traditional music and eating the delicious food.

After fun some work awaited the teachers. During the Comenius workshop the meeting in Italy in February had to be organized and tasks have been shared.

At the Comenius dinner in the evening everyone again could enjoy the huge variety of Greek food.

Saying god bye the next morning caused lots of tears, especially with the students. They all met lots of new friends in a short time and thus the main aim of such a meeting again has been reached: meeting each other without prejudices, being open and tolerant to other cultures and thus gaining enrichment for your own personality.

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